Education support

During the 2008-2009 school year, stationeries were provided to children of primary classes of Gatumba, Kinama, Buyenzi, Minago and Rukago.

JW spent a few hours to verify the works done by some of the students and to better encourage them to study, JW offered gifts to the hard working students and to encourage the weaker, JW promised them prices if they would improve.



Medical Aid: 

JW helped people suffering from eye pain by paying the costs of their medical care.




Financial Aid

JW works with some women wanting to develop their business.

JW sells goods and foodstuffs such as eggs, beans, palm oil, soap, flour, clothes,etc… at a price less than the one purchased.

Hence, once sold, these women have a good profit, which allows them to buy more goods and become financially independent.


Other Aids are given to farmers; giving them ability to rent lands and cultivate on them. (This aid was made to seven farmers in year 2008).



Amir al-mu’minin Ali ibn Abu Talib, peace be upon him, said: Charity is an effective cure, and the actions of people in their present life will be before their eyes in the next life. 
                 قَال عليه السلام: الصَّدَقَةُ دَوَاءٌ مُنْجِحٌ، وَأَعْمَالُ الْعِبَادِ فِي عَاجِلِهِمْ، نُصْبُ أَعْيُنِهِمْ فِي آجِلِهِمْ
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The Jaafary Welfare Secretary.